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Do you ever find yourself making the same meals over and over? Juggling tons of different responsibilities in a busy life, many people find themselves with a set grocery list, rotating through a repetitive cycle of rice, chicken, and broccoli? There is nothing wrong with having staples, but this can put us into a serious flavor rut. Despite the advantage of convenience, these meals can quickly become boring. So how can we elevate these simple dishes? Many times, simply changing up the toppings can a fantastic spin on an otherwise normal dish, bringing life back into your mealtime staples. Here at MBerry, we provide exciting culinary experiences with our miracle berry fruits and tablets. So let’s discuss some unique toppings and condiments that can make you excited to sit down and eat!

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Spicing up any type of meal

Miracle Berries 

Miracle berries have historically been used for the exact purpose of adding flavor to otherwise bland and boring foods. The consumption of one of these berries tricks your taste buds into perceiving sour or bitter foods as exceedingly sweet. Instead of making your face pucker, a slice of lime can become a euphoric burst of sugar, and vinegar will taste like apple juice! The miracle berry is especially useful for those seeking to eat healthier but struggling to give up the flavor of their favorite junk food. With the ability to make food taste sweet with a fraction of the calories, the miracle berry allows its consumers to lead a healthier lifestyle without having to sacrifice flavor. Eating healthy can actually be enjoyable! If you are tired of eating the same boring dinner every night, consider eating a miracle berry before your usual dinner routine. You will not believe it is the same dish!

Mberry Tablets

The craze of the miracle berry has kickstarted a search for alternative ways to mimic the effects of the miracle berry. By isolating the protein responsible for altering our taste buds, manufacturers have succeeded in creating tablets that have the same extraordinary ability to elevate flavor as the berry itself. Simply consume a tablet before you eat and your otherwise bland meal will be sweet as candy. You will get much more pleasure from the same simple ingredients. Be cautious though, mberry will alter the taste of some foods you might not want to change! Things like spaghetti, Coca Cola, Taco Tuesday with sour cream & limes will taste super sweet. 

Instead, try some recipes from The Miracle Berry Diet Cookbook. Our culinary creations include wholesome delights like our Pineapple Zucchini Cake, which only uses 1 ¼ cups agave nectar for added sweetness. When you eat the cake after letting a Miracle Berry tablet dissolve on your tongue, you save 168 calories per serving. The Crunchy Polenta Cake only uses ⅓ cups agave nectar to add sweetness. Grapefruit juice and lime juice add tartness, which is balanced out by a Miracle Berry tablet.

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Chia Seeds

Despite their tiny size, the possibilities of chia seeds are endlessly powerful. Chia seeds are not referred to as a superfood for nothing! They are loaded with essential nutrients like omega-3s, calcium, potassium and magnesium, making a simple dish much more nutritious. Chia seeds are extremely absorbent, so after soaking in liquid for some time, they form delicious little gelatinous balls. If you don’t like this texture, wait to top your food with chia seeds until right before you eat. The addition of these seeds can add crunch to yogurt or oatmeal, instantly spicing up your meal. 


Ever heard people argue that food tastes better when cooked on a charcoal grill? While many agree that this is true, there are other ways to utilize charcoal to spice up your basic food! The popularity of charcoal has been on the rise recently. Activated charcoal has long remained a common ingredient in desserts in Asia, and this unique idea has been spreading wildly. Charcoal can bring flavor, color, and texture to plates of food and bottles of juice. Consider using charcoal to add bitterness and umami flavors to a simple dish, making it more savory and earthy.  

Spicing up sweet foods

We have seen that miracle berries and miracle berry tablets can make bitter foods taste amazingly sweet. But how do you compliment foods that are already sweet? You do not want your dish to be overpowering, but may still be looking for ways to enhance the flavors of your staple sweet dishes like oatmeal. Here are some toppings that could be the perfect addition to your favorite sweet treats!

Coconut Flakes

Coconut flakes are a hugely versatile ingredient in the kitchen. They can add immense flavor and desirable texture to a variety of recipes. From breakfast to desserts, coconut flakes might be just the thing you need to elevate your dish! Sprinkle some coconut flakes onto your oatmeal for a delicious taste and crunch that will make you excited to wake up and eat. 

Matcha Powder

Matcha is a powdered form of green tea that has rapidly been spreading its Japanese roots to become a new favorite in the United States. Its vibrant green color alone makes your dish simply look more exciting, and it is also good for flavoring a variety of products. You can find matcha lattes in coffee shops, green tea ice cream with matcha in the grocery store, and so much more. Try it in its original tea form, but do not forget how many other uses it has! Put it in oats, smoothies, or desserts for a boost of flavor.


Also known as sesame paste, tahini is just what it sounds like: ground sesame seeds with oil. A staple in Middle Eastern cuisine, it is simple, but also perfect for transforming a basic dish. Tahini is known for its creamy, rich, and nutty flavor, allowing it to balance spice or add a savory element to meals. It can be a delicious addition to sauces, dressings, or spreads. Use it to spice up your favorite sweet dishes!

Cacao Nibs

Cacao nibs are small pieces of crushed cacao beans. They have a bitter, chocolatey flavor, but are surprisingly low in sugar. They are packed with nutrients and plant compounds that can be very beneficial for health. The bitterness can help balance the sweetness of certain dishes, making cacao nibs the perfect addition to smoothies or coffee drinks. Alternatively, they can be mixed into a morning bowl of oatmeal. Keep in mind that the nibs themselves are quite bitter, so they work best with dishes or foods that already contain some other sweet element, like the Mberry.

Spicing up salty foods

Now that we’ve talked about some ways to compliment sweet dishes, you’re probably wondering how to elevate salty foods. Cooking is a balancing act between flavors, and you want to ensure the flavors of your food work together. With that said, let’s discuss some condiments that go nicely with salty foods. 


Wildly popular in Australia, Vegemite is very unique and very tasty. The appeal is clear: what makes avocado toast delicious? A pinch of salt. What brings out the flavor of chocolate? A pinch of salt. Sometimes all a dish needs a slight amount of salt, and that’s where Vegemite comes in! From something as simple to spreading Vegemite on toast, to incorporating the salty treat into a stew, Vegemite is a perfect addition to many savory dishes. Next time you think your dish is missing a salty edge, rather than reaching for the salt shaker you should consider Vegemite! A boring dish can become a new special treat. 


Duqqa is not very widely known, but this well-kept secret is delicious! This traditional Egyptian spice mix made with toasted nuts, sesame seeds and a mixture of spices will have you hooked on the first bite. It is traditionally served in basic bread and vegetable dishes, but the possibilities do not end there! Once you get a taste, you will want to sprinkle duqqa on everything. It can be rubbed onto your favorite meat, added into your scrambled egg mix, or sprinkled over popcorn. No matter the use, duqqa will add a pop of flavor to any dish! 

Putting these toppings to use

If you are getting tired of the same mundane eating patterns, the solution might not be as far out of reach as you think. Rather than worrying about cooking different dishes and stepping out of your comfort zone, focus instead on elevating your staples. This can be accomplished by the simple consumption of a miracle berry, which will trick your taste buds into thinking you are eating something entirely new, or by adding unique toppings and condiments to your core meals. 

Sprinkle some coconut flakes onto your oatmeal, spread some Vegemite onto your avocado toast, or try a Mberry tablet with a lemony dish. Your taste buds will thank you! Now that you know some of the best toppings for food transformations, don’t forget to try our freeze-dried Miracle Berries and MBerry tablets for your next culinary concoction.

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