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mberry Instructions

Get ready to be amazed! (Drum roll please). You have just embarked on a journey for your taste buds and you will not believe the reactions you will have. You simply put one mberry Miracle Fruit Tablet on your tongue and roll it around until it is fully dissolved. Wait a minute or two to give the berry time to merry with your taste buds and then bite and sip the sour foods you have prepared. Wasn’t that amazing? Can you believe that this small berry can do so much in just a short amount of time? I know, me either. It’s a miracle!

Straight Facts

The miracle berry originates from West Africa, dating back to its first documented discovery in 1725. The local population of that time consumed the berry before meals to enhance and sweeten foods like wines and corn breads. They were able to successfully survive a famine through the use of miracle berries and thrived thanks to the fruit. The berry has been used for centuries before its first documentation but unfortunately, there is limited information about its uses during that time period. 

It wasn’t until 1968 that the miracle berry would be brought to the United States. There was an initial attempt to commercialize the fruit, but this effort was quickly blocked by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), who classified the berry as a “food additive.” 

The miracle berry plant is a shrub that can grow up to 18 feet in its native habitat, though it rarely exceeds 5 feet in height otherwise. The tree has dense foliage, with wide green leaves clustered at the ends of the branches. The flowers of the tree are white and carries the precious red miracle berries. Despite the berry’s ability to make bland or sour foods taste deliciously sweet, the fruit is not sweet itself. But when the fleshy pulp coats the taste buds of the tongue and inside of the mouth, the extraordinary effect occurs. Miracle fruit is so special that even the way the fruit is harvested will determine the fruit’s effectiveness. Picking a ripe miracle fruit berry at the peak of freshness from the tree must be done within a short time frame of eating the fruit. Unlike other fruits, miracle fruit will only last for 24 hours or less before turning overripe or spoiled. Once miracle fruit is picked from the tree, you either need to eat the fruit right away or freeze-dry the fruit to preserve all the nutrients and proteins found in miracle fruit, making miracle fruit one of the world’s most expensive fruits to harvest and consume.

Due to their origin in a tropical climate, the plant grows best in an environment free from frost and with high humidity, which is why our farm is in Taiwan where the conditions are optimal.

Our miracle berries are grown organically using natural fertilizers and minimal (natural) pesticides. We’re talking about high grade farming here. The kind of thing you may have had fantasies about doing-without the loss of running water and electricity. 

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Miracle Fruit Benefits and Side Effects

The benefits of miracle fruit are just what you would think. As a fruit it has vitamins which are essential for your body, but of course the best benefit is that it is a replacement for added sugar and therefore can cut down on your sugar consumption increasing your health overall. The only side effect comes from not being able to recognize how much acidic food you are consuming and that could upset your stomach if you aren’t used to having sour foods a lot. 

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