Flavor Tripping

The Fruit that Changes Taste Buds

Synsepalum dulcificum, more popularly known as the miracle berry, is a red berry native to tropical West Africa. The magic berry was initially discovered in 1725 when an explorer named Chevalier des Marchais noticed the native people chewed these African miracle fruits before eating meals. He soon realized that the natives were consuming the mysterious miracle berry to alter the taste buds and enhance the flavor of their foods, particularly those that were dull or sour in taste. Though the local population had been utilizing its miraculous properties for centuries, it wasn’t until 1968 that the miracle berry came to the United States.

How Miracle Berries Work

So how does this so-called miracle fruit berry taste? Some might be surprised to learn that the miracle fruit itself actually does not taste like much at all. However, the seemingly flavorless magic berry packs a big punch. Though the magical berry is a dull flavor at best, the flavor of foods you consume afterward will surprise you! The miracle fruit makes foods that are sour taste exceedingly sweet. That’s why this magic fruit is most commonly known as the berry that makes lemons taste like lemonade.

The amount of time the mberry exerts its effects can vary. Like anything, mberry varies based on individual differences; some people will experience a more drastic effect after consuming it than others. The effects will begin immediately after finishing the mberry tablet. Typically, you will feel the effects of the Miraculin for anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending on your anatomy and genetics. The strength of the effect will diminish as more time elapses from when you first consumed mberry and based upon how much foods and warm liquids are eaten.

Yes this magic berry is one of a kind and really has no competition when it comes to benefits and uses. You can read about that more in our Foods to Eat with mberry.

Fla·vor Tripp·ing
The act of eating a mberry Miracle Fruit Tablet to turn sour, bitter, and hot foods into sweetness. Hot sauce tastes like a glazed donut and lemons turn into lemonade. First used in 2008 in New York City.


Flavor tripping are just the words chosen to describe the experience you will be embarking on when taking mberry, no weird stuff happening here.
Here’s the rundown on how to host a flavor tripping party. Get ready!

  1. Order mberry miracle fruit tablets, as these work best for flavor tripping parties 
  1. Gather the suggested food items listed here 
  1. Invite friends and family, safely of course (In person or over Zoom you can’t go wrong!)
  1. Enjoy and #MakeLifeSweeter

Note: The general rule of thumb is to have 2-4 tablets per person, but is dependent on how much food/drinks are consumed. The more that is consumed, the faster the effects will dissipate.

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